14 Best Companies No Exam Life Insurance and Trusted

14 Best Companies No Exam Life Insurance and Trusted

No Exam Life Insurance

You might want to find the best life insurance company which is trusted and offers policy without the need to do any medical exam. It is not that you want to avoid needle but might be because you have some medical issues. You surely do not want the company to know about those issues which will make you have to pay for higher premium and get less coverage. Actually under certain conditions there are still some companies which can offers life insurance without medical exam. And the policies are coming from trusted companies that we have listed here.

Top 14 life Insurance without Medical Exam or Health Questions


This company has A rate from AM-Best Rating so you know that this company really trusted. Their insurance brand is AGLA which known for their loose underwriting so you should not have to worry too much about medical issue when getting your policy from them. Their premium offer also very competitive as it is usually below the average that most companies offer. Furthermore their customer service is also great which makes you being taken care carefully.


This company is the largest life insurance in the NA region which is why they also get A rate from AM-Best Rating. Their reputation is great since their customer service is also great and they have good financial strength. You might want to try and get quotes from them to see if they offer you competitive pricing.

Mutual of Omaha

If you are usually rated by other company below the normal standard, then you might want to try getting quotes from this company. They have fit underwriting program which allows you to get better benefit compare to what other company would offer you. They also have 14 healthy credits which make you able to get better class.

North American Company

This company is very popular even though this company is actually private owned. They have secure investment with stabile asset which make them trusted. They also have the highest rating for their financial stability and strength. They are able to offer great price to those in certain ages.


This company has been around since 1907 so you know they are really best life insurance companies that pay out if they are able to survive that long. They also usually offer almost the lowest price for their policy thus you really need to consider this company. They also have GUI with several term options and also optional rider which will pay death benefit in certain period.

Banner Life

Another company with A rate from AM-Best Rating with A+ rate on their financial stability. Their premium is really exceptional and their service is also very good which make them a trusted company that you should try to get. Furthermore, the premium that they offer is usually the lowest in the market so you really need to get their quotes.


One of the most famous companies which everyone known off. They also dominate their insurance in specific niches as their financial decision. They can give the lowest price for specific health and lifestyle area. They have very creative underwriting on their product line which already very solid.


This company has exceptional customer service even though the company itself is actually small size. However, do not get tricked with their small size since their insurance rate is usually the lowest especially on specific categories. The application can also be done in convenient and fast way.


This company also has A rate from AM-Best Rating and the best thing is that they prioritize you as the policy holder even more than their share holder. This is important to know especially if you want to take whole life insurance policy from this company. Their policy can be taken without medical exam but you might have to answer some medical question and do simple test.


This company is the best when it comes to senior life insurance policy so you need to consider getting insurance from this company once you reach certain age. They also offer no medical insurance with 249,999 limits for the face amount. Their living benefit is also has great options.


When it comes to no exam life insurance, then you really need to get quotes from this company. They provide 3 different rate classes that have the easiest process for the underwriting compared to the other company in the market. This will make your change to get the life insurance that you want become higher. Their policy size is also very large which make them very popular choice.


This company has unique insurance which also offers for living benefit. You can get up to 95 percent of your death benefit when you have certain medical issues such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, ALS or a major transplant on organs. These benefits are really helpful thus you really need to try and get the quotes from them if you want to get those benefits even though their premium might not be the cheapest.

American National

For the non medical exam life insurance you will be getting maximum 250,000 dollars coverage and the approval can come out for around 3 business days or even the same day. Their pricing is also very competitive so you should not have to worry.

Fidelity Life

This company has great financial stability and A- rate from AM-Best Rating. Their insurance coverage is varied and will give different benefits so you have plenty of options to choose from.

Those are several companies that are trusted and also offer no exam insurance as one of their service. As each company has different underwriting and premium, you might want to consider getting quotes from different companies before you decide to use one of them. See how you are rated by each company and choose a company that able to give you the best rate among all so the benefits will also be better.


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