5 Best Burial Insurance Companies This Year

5 Best Burial Insurance Companies This Year

Burial Insurance Companies

Some of you might want to consider these 5 best burial insurance companies this year since it will really help you in finding the best options available in the market today. Finding the right final expense life insurance policy might be confusing for some people, especially when you do not have any company guide to look at. Do not worry as we have gathered the best insurance companies with affordable pricing that everyone need to try as their product is also very good. Furthermore, you do not even need to do medical exam to get their product which would be very convenient for senior’s citizen that cannot afford one.

Top 5 Senior Life Insurance Companies

I recommend to you companies that have trusted many customers are as follows:

1. Gerber Life

This company already knows that senior citizen find it difficult to be able to get life insurance with low cost especially when you are already more than 50 years old. This company offers product with low cost that provides small amount but can still be used to cover all of the final expenses later.

Their guaranteed insurance is offered for those who are in between the age of 50 until 80 years old. The final proceeds that are given to the beneficiaries will be non taxable and it can also be used in any means necessary by the beneficiaries. The best thing is that their premium will remind the same throughout the live and the coverage amount can be chosen in between 5000 dollars to 25000 dollars.

2. Foresters

When it comes to whole insurance this company is very unique as they have 3 types that you can choose from. Furthermore their insurance will also give value in cash that is accumulating as well as other death benefits. Their accumulation portion of the cash value will be done in full surrender on the policy.

3. American General

This insurance company is a really establish company that has strong rating on their finance. Their insurance is also great as they will help the beneficiaries to take care of several of their financial situations. Their guaranteed insurance is offered for those who are in between the age of 50 until 85 years old. Their insurance also do not need any medical exam and they do not ask any question related to the health conditions. Their premium is guaranteed and the amount would not increase during the policy life. The amount of coverage that you can get is ranged around 5000 dollars to 25000 dollars.

4. Mutual of Omaha

This company is already founded since 1909 which is why they are able to place themselves inside Fortune 500 List Company. Their whole insurance is available in two plan types with level benefit or with graded benefit. Furthermore, there is no any medical needed to get those insurance plan types which is very convenient for senior’s citizen. Their plans are available for those in between of 45 year to 80 year old.

5. Phoenix life

This company is actually among those in top rated insurance companies list for US area. Their life plant is actually simplified issue for the whole insurance which will provide coverage for a lifetime. They offer permanent insurance and the cash value as well as death benefits that will be received have accumulation feature. This means that the value will continue to grow throughout the policy life. Furthermore, their policy is available for younger age and their coverage is also higher. For those in between of 30 year to 59 year old, then the policy coverage would be 10,000 until 100,000 dollars. For those in between of 60 year to 69 year old, then the policy coverage would be 10,000 until 750,000 dollars. For those in between of 70 year to 80 year old, then the policy coverage would be 10,000 until 50,000 dollars.

Those are several companies that provide best burial insurance for senior that you can try to get. The benefit that you can get from this senior insurance is quite large you might still want to consider getting one. Especially if you have financial situation that would not allows you to get enough for the final expense. Then getting a senior insurance will be a solution that you need to get for the convenient of your beneficiaries later.


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