Freedom Life Insurance

Freedom Life Insurance

Freedom Life Insurance

You might be wondering what is the Freedom Life Insurance that people talking about since they seems have making a scene and become popular these days. This company is actually a private owned company which establish in 1956. They have around 200 to 500 employees size and their reputation score is around 35% thus it is your average life insurance company that you can found everywhere. They are actually a company under the US Health Group and often called with other name such as Enterprise Life Insurance, Homeland Healthcare, or National Foundation Life Insurance.

Freedom Life Insurance Review

In 2010 economical year, their liabilities are on 0 dollars while their assets are on 31,424 dollars value. Their overall liabilities have reached 0 dollars and for net income they have reached -17 dollars. In 2010 the total of direct premium that they written are 72,613 dollars while their net premium was on 31,865 dollars. They held AM-Best Rating of B-.

They have several kinds of products which dedicated for specific diseases, critical illness, accident, dental, life, vision, as well as medical insurance. Some of their main products are:


This insurance will give benefit specifically for medical treatment but the expense for non medical things is not included. When the client is diagnose and survive in covered condition, then this insurance will be offering benefit in cash payment.

Accident protector

This insurance will give extra coverage which you can use to help in covering the expenses which related to accident. The payment will be done when the client suffers some injuries related to accident which may also result in loss. This benefit can also be used as excess insurance which will covering cost for co-pay, deductibles, and many other expenses which might not be covered by other insurance.

Secure dental

This insurance has three kinds of plan with different benefits which all are deductibles and can be used for different types of dental care. Their premium cost 50 dollars for one person or 150 dollars for one family.

Life protector

This insurance is a term insurance with 10 year policy term that is also renewable. The premium option is ranges around 10 dollars until 50 dollars with 5 dollars increment.

All in all this company has average rate compared to the other companies but surely there are still others insurance companies that has the same rates as this company. There are also several complained that dedicated to this company some even comes from their agent which might be weird for some situation since the agents are usually the one that offers the policy to their clients for the company.

In 2004 there is a class action lawsuit which done in Florida by some of their clients which experience denied or delayed claim. In this case the client actually purchase GPPO(A) policy from this company but then later get coverage from other companies since they feel disappoint with the Freedom Life. In that lawsuit also stated that most GPPO(A)  holder except 356 from 7836 actually no longer getting insurance from this company.

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